My Favorite Phone Apps

If you know me personally, you know I am always on my phone. Usually for good reason, in my defense. I am the designated photographer and videographer of my family so I'm usually trying to get the perfect shot or editing it for post. Lucky for you guys, since I am pretty familiar with my... Continue Reading →


Tackling My Fear of Photos

When I was younger, I hated pictures. I would avoid them at pretty much all costs. I specifically remember one account where I physically have run from the camera. As an adult, my feelings have changed about being photographed. I now want to remember all of these important memories I'm experiencing and be present enough... Continue Reading →

Morning Routine

I get up at 6:20 in the morning every morning. I try to keep on the same time schedule as my fiancé so that we can go to bed at the same time. The first thing I do is head straight to the bathroom and take my morning meds. Secondly, TURN ON THE TUNES and... Continue Reading →

Getting “the look” for less

Women know all too well that makeup is ridiculously expensive, but so fun to play with. Sooooooo, I've been on the hunt to find beauty products that give me that flawless look without me having to sell my soul or organs. And without further-a-do, I will share these beauty guru secrets just for you fine... Continue Reading →

Places I Want to Visit

I am a travel nerd! I traveled Europe with some family a few summers ago and ever since then I have been itching to go back. Pretty sure Europe is my home... but I really want to travel all over the world. I have big plans for my future. Out of the hundreds of places... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Skin Beauty Treatment

So this beauty treatment is for the times when I really want to give my skin a deep cleaning! I usually do this the day before an event or a photoshoot so my skin and makeup look flawless. A good deep-cleaning skin regimen is so important to have anyway. First step is to take off... Continue Reading →

My Migraine Journey

This blog has been a long time coming. My lifelong struggle with migraines has been anything but pleasant, but I want to share my experiences with you guys. For those of you who don't know, I have chronic migraines. And let me assure you that they suck! I have been struggling with migraines since I... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Severe Anxiety in College

Fact 1: I have severe anxiety.  Fact 2: Severe anxiety makes college harder than a lot of people realize. This is going to sound terrible, but when I was younger I didn't believe in anxiety. I just thought people were overreacting, even thought I was experiencing most of the same feelings. It wasn't until about a year... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Journal

So. Recently I started a mental health journal. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’ve just never committed. I tried bullet  journaling — and it never really stuck. I get really infatuated with something, do all the research, learn all the things, and then the infatuation wears off, and I lose interest. Since... Continue Reading →

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